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Top 5 Mobile Period Trackers

Most women’s menstrual cycle is 28 days. Normally, the length of a period is 3 to 8 days, averaging 5 days.

What is the menstrual cycle?

The monthly cycle causes a series of changes in a woman’s body as it prepares for the possibility of fertilization. During this time of the month, a woman’s body sheds the lining of the uterus or womb. The blood passes through the uterus into the opening of the cervix and leaves the body from the vagina.

Period trackers can often tell you when bleeding is the heaviest, which is usually on days one and two. The bleeding tends to become lighter toward the end of a cycle. Downloading and utilizing, one of these mobile apps will allow you to track your menstrual cycle.

Each period tracking app has a variety of purposes, from simply tracking your period and fertility to increasing your odds of becoming pregnant or trying to prevent pregnancy. There are several useful period trackers on your smartphone’s App Store. After thoroughly reviewing this data, we have narrowed a list of our top five period trackers.


Ranked as one of the top period trackers on the market. Clue offers astonishingly accurate predictions that you can trust. The app allows you to track personal patterns with 30 plus tracking options for cramps, skin, hair, and sleep. Tracking these patterns will help you understand how your body changes during your monthly cycle.


Known as one of the most downloaded health and fitness apps of 2019, Flo offers key features that allow you to effortlessly log your menstruation start and end date. You can receive predictions for upcoming periods and log additional symptoms for improved predictions, especially if you have irregular period. Another top feature Flo has is the pregnancy calculator and tracker. This feature includes a countdown to the birth of your baby and allows you to track week-by-week progress during your pregnancy.


Besides logging your monthly periods into the glow tracker, this app works as a learning tool where you’ll attain a plethora of facts about fertility, egg freezing, sexual activity, and menstrual health. Glow provides secure health charts, downloadable PDF reports of your ovulation and fertility webinars.

Period Tracker Lite

Period Tracker Lite is the ideal app for you if you’re not looking for features of a full period tracker. This free app is quick and easy when it comes to logging in your menstrual health data. Period Tracker lite will allow you to learn about your symptoms during your cycles such as cramps, flow, bloating, backache, headaches, and tender breasts.


The Cycles app takes period-tracking to the next level. Log observations of your body and mood daily to keep track of similarities or differences within cycle.

Now that we have discussed the top five suggested period trackers from your smart phone’s app store, you’ll never have to let another awful symptom creep up on you and get in the way of your daily lifestyle.

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