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Tips to Help Get You Through Your Pregnancy

During pregnancy, your life will change in ways you may have never thought of before. You must consider the well-being your baby, along with your own. Your body will go through visible physical changes, but you may overlook the mental stresses that come with pregnancy. As a trusted OB/GYN practice in the Central Florida area for over 21 years, Dr. Quinsey has your back. Here are some tips to help get you through your pregnancy.

Rid Yourself of Unhealthy Habits

A lifestyle change during pregnancy is definitely in order. For the sake of the baby, refrain from drinking, smoking and using drugs. Also, doctors recommend that you reduce your caffeine intake. These habits can affect your baby’s overall health and increase the risk of congenital disabilities. It may be a challenge for you to let go of these habits. 

To get confidential free help from public agencies regarding substance abuse treatment, contact the SAMHSA National Helpline.

Modify Your Lifestyle

Pregnancy can drastically affect your regular schedule including your typical stress relievers like having a few drinks with friends, working out and going to the movies. These types of events can be critical to your mental health. Don’t feel the need to completely rip these events from your schedule just because you’re pregnant. Instead, alter HOW you participate in these events.

Obviously, we don’t endorse drinking while pregnant. Instead, consider a “mocktail”. Add sparkling water to juice. You get the bubbles of champagne without the alcohol! Adjust your workout routine to fit your current stage of pregnancy. If you want to go to a movie with friends, but fear you won’t be able to make through the movie without going to the restroom multiple times, have a movie night at home. Your social life doesn’t stop when you are pregnant. Simple lifestyle adjustments can make a big difference in your mental and physical health while keeping you active.


It’s easy to get impatient about your pregnancy. Carrying life is both physically and mentally taxing. There will be long nights and hard times. recommends:

Pregnancy requires many lifestyle changes, but with these tips, you will benefit physically and mentally.

Crazy Cravings!

You’re probably aware of the crazy tales of spouses and loved ones going through great lengths to satisfy an expecting mother’s cravings. Food cravings differ from pregnancy to pregnancy, and they can change on a day-to-day basis. It may become as drastic as never wanting to eat what you had yesterday — ever again!

Here’s how to reduce the intensity of your “crazy” cravings:


Even before you can hold your baby in your arms, you will develop a strong bond. Pregnancy requires many lifestyle changes, but with these tips, you will benefit physically and mentally.

Choosing a healthcare professional is an important decision. Christopher K. Quinsey MD, P.A. has been serving women throughout northern Orlando for over 21 years. If you are interested in a consultation, contact us today.

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*This blog is for general informational purposes only. Christopher K. Quinsey MD, P.A., does not distribute medical advice through this blog. As such, this blog does not constitute a patient-client relationship between the reader and Christopher K. Quinsey, MD, P.A.

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