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The Importance of an Annual Woman’s Wellness Exam

People today are juggling many responsibilities. Work, family obligations and other factors make it seem like you have no extra time to focus on your health. It’s easy to neglect your health – especially when you are feeling okay.   However, women have unique health needs that should be monitored routinely.  To stay on top of your health, its best to schedule a women’s wellness exam at least once every year.

Preventive Healthcare

So much of our lives are reactionary. We scratch when we have an itch. We get our car fixed when it starts to make weird noises. We also neglect doctor visits until we feel unwell. Some things can’t be prevented such as accidentally falling and hurting your ankle. However, many issues can be prevented simply by being aware of potential risks and preventative solutions.

During your wellness visit, your OBGYN will do various tests  like  bloodwork, to see if there are any issues that need to be addressed. Most big problems have small beginnings which has a higher likelihood of being found with regular wellness exams and testing. The goal is to prevent issues before they occur.

Family Planning

Whether you do, or do not, have or want children, a woman’s sexual and reproductive health is very important. Talking with your OBGYN regularly about your family plan can help them understand what your needs are and plan accordingly.

They could help you plan for a potential pregnancy, recommend birth control options or provide you with lifestyle recommendations. Your doctor is there to make sure that you are healthy now and to provide a plan for future health based on your goals.

Most big problems have small beginnings which has a higher likelihood of being found with regular wellness exams and testing. The goal is to prevent issues before they occur.

Health Screenings

Linked to preventative healthcare, health and disease screenings are vital to assuring long term health. Depending on family history, overall health, age and other factors, doctors will test for diseases that may line up with your stage in life. Some of these screenings may include:


Your women’s wellness exam is not just about your physical health. Your doctor may want to talk about your emotional and mental state. Many physical ailments are related to mental stresses. Your OBGYN is someone that you can trust to discuss what is causing you pain. You and your doctor should work as a team to improve your overall health.

Choosing a healthcare professional is an important decision. Christopher K. Quinsey MD, P.A. has been serving women throughout northern Orlando for over 21 years. If you are interested in a wellness evaluation, contact us today.

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*This blog is for general informational purposes only. Christopher K. Quinsey MD, P.A. does not distribute medical advice through this blog. As such, this blog does not constitute a patient-client relationship between the reader and Christopher K. Quinsey MD, P.A.

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